ULO Systems LLC highly qualified and experienced personnel have produced unique solutions to difficult problems and achieved many successes worldwide

Consultancy and Design
ULO Systems LLC consistently produce bespoke solutions to difficult problems, including:

  • Deepwater diver-less grouting at more than 1,000m water depth
  • Platform strengthening schemes
  • Pipeline bundle repairs
  • Annulus grouting of pipe-in-pipe river crossing
  • Under base grouting to re establish integrity of gravity base structure

The following are some of the specialist consultancy and technical support services that may be provided by ULO Systems:

  • Feasibility (FEED) studies, from conceptual design to detailed engineering, to meet all offshore installation grouting conditions
  • Appraisal of structural problems
  • Selection of grout system hardware, appurtenances and equipment
  • Preparation of safe operational procedures
  • Development of grout mix designs
  • Laboratory analysis and development of grout slurry formulations including full testing programmes
  • Trials, development testing of procedures and verification of the work
  • Offshore construction, installation and supervision
  • Review clients work scope
  • Identify appropriate methods
ULO Professional Services offered to clients worldwide
  • Consultation , design and engineering support and advice pre, during and post project execution.
  • Underbase Grouting
  • Structural Grouting & Repair
  • Freespan Correction Crossing supports and any support to pipelines, cables and umbilicals.
  • ROV or Diver Installation
  • Shore Approach Stabilization
  • Sea Water Intake
  • Installation Methodology
  • Precast Concrete Solutions
  • Shallow to deep water applications
  • Scour and Anti Scour Solutions
  • Full Offshore Project Reporting
  • Offshore Structural Grouting Services
  • Main pile and Skirt Pile Grouting Services
  • Subsea Pipeline Stabilization
  • Subsea Pipeline Protection
  • Subsea Freespan Correction
  • Platform Underbase Grouting
  • Jacket and Jetty Structural Member Repairs
  • Jetty Pile Rehabilitation
  • Subsea Cable Stabilization
  • Subsea Riser Support
  • Subsea Grout Connectors
  • Flexible Concrete Mattresses