Standard Pipeline Supports

Fabric Formwork

ULO, as the inventor of fabric formwork, boasts extensive experience and innovation over a period of almost 50 years in the offshore construction industry worldwide.

ULO commenced providing industrial fabrics for use in grouted applications in the civil construction industry in 1964. Considerable research and development has gone into what is clearly the best quality and best performing fabric formwork available in the marketplace, and ULO is always striving for continuous improvement with its innovative products.

The specially designed fabric allows the fabric formwork to displace water and excess fluids during the curing process of the Grout and therefore allows the formwork to develop and maintain its full strength and shape, to provide the designed long term support for each application. Coupled with this unique fabric, ULO uses only the best quality German thread and, double stitches every seam to ensure top quality and performance.

Others have attempted to copy ULO products over the years, but their use of inferior quality fabrics means that it is not possible to develop the full design shape of the support, as the water released during curing and shrinkage cannot escape and the full volume of cured grout is not realized. Such products represent a cheap alternative, but, it is the quality of the ULO product that allows the formwork to function for a full facility life cycle with no need for further intervention.

ULO can design and develop fabric formwork for standard and non standard applications, and this is what separates ULO from its competitors. The extensive expertise and development of numerous specialty solutions, together with a full range of standard applications, makes ULO the only genuine full service provider in the industry.

Installation by either divers or Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) is catered for in most ULO products, and every situation is treated on its individual merits, taking into account the specific conditions at each location.
ULO fabric formwork is manufactured in a dedicated manufacturing facility in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, by skilled tradesmen, under ISO 9001:2008 certification issued by Lloyd’s Register.