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Technical Backup

ULO in its history has provided numerous forms of technical back up with regards to mix formulas, logistics, density and flow rates including exotic mixes utilizing sodium silicate reinforcing membranes, high density grouts, standard concrete mixes, high density concrete mixes for structural or non-structural requirements for offshore and on shore utilization.

ULO with its equipment range is able to assist in technical back up regarding best type of equipment as ‘fit for purpose’ for any type of project. Depending on the equipment being used, equipment can produce anywhere from 2 cu m/hour up to 200 cu m/hr

ULO with its varied geo textile experience is able to provide technical support from a design and or practical methodology to aid installation and utilization of geotechnical shapes and forms to solve all types of natural element reactions with solid objects like pipelines, cables, umbilicals and offshore structures.

ULO Professional Services offered to clients worldwide
Consultation , design and engineering support and advice pre, during and post project execution.
Underbase Grouting
Structural Grouting & Repair
Freespan Correction Crossing supports and any support to pipelines, cables and umbilicals.
ROV or Diver Installation
Shore Approach Stabilization
Sea Water Intake
Installation Methodology
Precast Concrete Solutions
Shallow to deep water applications
Scour and Anti Scour Solutions
Full Offshore Project Reporting
Offshore Structural Grouting Services
Main pile and Skirt Pile Grouting Services
Subsea Pipeline Stabilization
Subsea Pipeline Protection
Subsea Freespan Correction
Platform Underbase Grouting
Jacket and Jetty Structural Member Repairs
Jetty Pile Rehabilitation
Subsea Cable Stabilization
Subsea Riser Support
Subsea Grout Connectors
Flexible Concrete Mattresses