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Jetty Repairs

ULO is able to provide grouting services for the repair of jetty structures that have suffered damage, scouring or have deteriorated naturally over time.

Depending upon the level of repairs, locations and type of repair required, ULO can recommend grouted solutions to be used in combination with appropriate structural repairs.

Typical repairs may require grout fill beneath the jetty slab, behind the subsea wall, or could involved the installation of Grout Bags to guard against scour from vessel wheel wash, or, could involve the re establishment of jetty structural members using grouted structural clamps.

ULO have extensive experience in installation and Grouting of repair, refurbishment and strengthening schemes that include the following;

• Pile rehabilitation
• Concrete reinstatement
• Reinforcement of joints, tubulars, etc.
• Repair of caissons
• Corrosion protection

Solutions vary with requirement but include;

• Split sleeve (GRP) shutter systems
• Fabric formwork sleeves
• Break-out and reinstatement of reinforcement and concrete

In undertaking this work the grout mixes comprise;

• Medium to high strength
• Ultra-high strength
• Specialized epoxy and resin based products

ULO’s strength lies in the wealth of experience and knowledge that enables us to engineer the optimum solution and grout mix design for a given situation, and provides specialist skills, materials, and engineering approaches as appropriate.