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Jacket Bracing Repairs

ULO Systems LLC provides a full range of services that contribute to structural integrity management with an integrated approach of specialist knowledge and best practice methods to ensure effective maintenance and life extension of offshore structures.

Split sleeve grouted clamps are an effective method for jacket or jetty member repair offered by ULO Systems LLC. Clamps require no welding work which eliminates expensive installation costs.

Clamps are designed specifically for each scenario and tested onshore to maximise performance during installation.
Split sleeve grouted clamps can be used for a variety of applications. Grouted clamps are most effective for instances where members are damaged or if fabrication / material imperfections exist. They can also be utilised to completely replace integral members of a structure above or below the water surface.

The clamp can be tailored to suit any range of tolerances during fit up which in turn saves time and money offshore.

Grout Bags