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Special Solutions

ULO over the past 50 years has provided numerous one off special, design and manufacture, solutions to solve various problems.

ULO through its in depth knowledge, versatility and workability of a textile structure and or precast Concrete Mattresses, has been, from the beginning, able to provide unusual and non conventional designs and construct cost effective one off solutions for any situation requiring a solid, innovative in-situ solution.

Many of these solutions are unique to specific one off situations. ULO’s ability to understand, not only the requirement, but also the installation methodology by diver or ROV, allows ULO to engineer the optimum solution on a case by case basis.

Typical examples of unique solutions developed over a long period of time include, blocking off a 22 metre diameter tunnel, tidal estuary control supports, and propeller wash out and shore approach problems. All solutions have provided permanent results with no requirement for rework or maintenance to be carried out.