Pipeline Repair Clamp

Pipeline Repair Clamp

ULO can provide grouted pipeline repair clamps where a pipeline has a small area of damage that can be repaired rather than replaced.

Pipeline repair clamps are designed to fit onto the outside of the Pipeline (after removal of concrete coating) and the bolting system is tightened to predetermined tensions.

The annular space which is created between the clamp and the pipeline is filled with grout, to provide an additional seal and complete the mechanical connection of the repair clamp to the pipeline.

ULO have extensive experience in installing & grouting strengthening schemes and related to the pipeline Grouting Services and fabric formworks have an engineered split sleeve clamp system that may be used for weight-coat reinstatement or, for the repair of a dent or buckle.

ULO’s strength lies in the wealth of experience and knowledge that enables us to engineer the optimum solution and mix design for a given situation, and provide specialist skills, materials, and engineering approaches as appropriate.