Pipeline Grouting services

Pipeline Grouting

Mechanical Anchors

ULO is able to offer Grouting Services to Mechanical Pipeline Anchors. ULO has notable experience to support this, having grouted more mechanical anchors than any other contractor globally, over the past 50 years.

ULO provide a range of engineered geotextile fabric formworks (‘grout bags’) together with specially built mixing and pumping equipment and highly experienced personnel to undertake pipeline stabilisation and protection services.

ULO have a record of accomplishment of more than 50-years in designing, Pipeline Installation, manufacturing and delivering fabric formworks. Solutions include;

• Pipeline supports
• Stabilising mattresses
• Bolster bags
• Pipeline or cable crossings
• Pipeline sleeves
• J-tube or tie-in ramps
• Jacking and levelling systems

The engineered fabric formworks are well-proven geotextile solutions that may be installed by diver or ROV and to date have been deployed in water depths >1,000M.

ULO’s strength lies in the wealth of experience and knowledge that enables us to engineer the optimum solution and grout mix design for a given situation, and provides specialist skills, materials, and engineering approaches as appropriate.

Pipeline Grouting services, Mechanical Pipeline Anchors