grouting services

GBS Underbase Grouting

ULO is able to provide underbase grouting services to the most stringent project specifications and has a strong track record in this area.

Specially built high capacity pumps and associated equipment, to mix and deliver the composite grout mixes required for these applications, as well as highly experienced operations personnel, give ULO a major advantage over its competitors in this area.

ULO’s experience with this type of work, allows it to plan and execute these large and complicated projects without difficulty to comply with the toughest of project specifications.

The most recent GBS project carried out by ULO, in mid 2012, was the underbase grouting of the Arkutun Dagi platform in the Sakhalin Field, offshore Russia, where 6,100 cubic metres of grout, comprising of 2260 tonnes of cement, 360 tonnes of liquid sodium silicate, mixed with sea water were delivered to the 17 underbase chambers in a period of less than 60 hours.