Structural Grouting


ULO primary equipment is based on the colloidal mixing principle of high velocity shear action, this comes in various sizes to suit on site conditions.

ULO secondary equipment for Structural Grouting can be an RJM unit which expels the mix at a very high spiral action velocity.

All equipment is up graded regularly with improvements and is fitted with in line measuring equipment.

The QC element is updated with compliant and calibrated equipment where applicable.

ULO bulk cement storage silos are fit for purpose are all kept in certification to meet industry requirements.

ULO prides itself in manufacturing all its equipment in-house and ensuring all is ‘fit for purpose’ as mobile offshore units that are quick and economical to mobilise or demobilise on project vessels.

Special Development

ULO over the years had surpassed industry requirements by building numerous aids for installation, placing and handling, standard or special pipeline supports.

All the ROV deployment systems are developed by ULO using practical, no nonsense approach to aid installation and grouting procedures.

These aids are for diver and ROV for installation and or grouting. The depth of knowledge ULO provides including safety lines for divers in black water is a key reason for using ULO as your designer and provider of solutions.

By engaging ULO at an early stage ULO is able to provide innovative input on installation equipment, if required.

ULO over the years has also provided innovative grouting injection equipment and has recently developed new structural grouting injection methodology to expand the use of ROV / Diver for this exercise.

Grouting Equipment

ULO grouting equipment is quiet, economical & environmentally as state of the art as possible. ULO develops its own in-house equipment. The mixed grout is based on producing the highest density possible by using a colloidal or jet mixing action. With constant speed pumps & bulk storage cement tanks, along with QC for testing grout samples and numerous installation aids, the ULO equipment fleet is compact and flexible for all types of grouting services.

ULO equipment is strategically positioned around the world.

ULO provides the equipment and qualified personnel to operate the equipment for mixing and pumping the grout to fill the Fabric Formwork onshore and offshore and all types of structural grouting globally with capacities from 2 m3/h up to 25 m3/h per hour. All equipment excluding silos is capable of being stuffed in containers for ease of movement globally to enhance flexibility or is incorporated in high cube units for ease of global movement.

ULO has its own dedicated units for offshore QA/QC.

ULO, in designing and building its own equipment, readily adopts today’s Health, Safety and Environmental standards.

ULO’s equipment is compact, economical, electrically driven and stand alone in its operation.