offshore wind installation

Offshore Wind Installation


ULO provide specialist services to the renewable sector for the Grouting of turbine and substation foundation structures that include:

• Monopile Transition Pieces (MP/TP’s)
• Pre-driven piles
• Post-driven piles
• Suction Bucket Jackets (SBJ’s)
• Met Masts

To undertake this work ULO have a range of grouts depending on the application. These grouts include:

• Low strength
• Medium strength to high strength
Ultra High strength Grout

These grout products may be delivered in bulk or, big-bags and ULO have equipment for storing, mixing, and pumping all types of grout.

ULO can design grout mixes with properties that include:

• High strength, bond, and shear
• Non-shrink and zero bleed
• Long-term durability
• No corrosion effect
• High flow (pumpability)
• Low heat of hydration
• Minimum thickening time

ULO’s strength lies in the wealth of experience and knowledge that enables us to engineer the optimum solution and mix design for a given situation, and provides specialist skills, materials, and engineering approaches as appropriate.

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