flexible formwork

Precast Crossing Supports

ULO Systems LLC offers a complete precast concrete sleeper solution. ULO have the ability to engineer specific support structures as desired enabling clients the freedom to select a nominated length, width and support height.

ULO Precast Sleepers include the following:

Concrete characteristics of minimum 28 day compressive strength of 40 MPa.
Effective cover on all reinforcement – 75 mm
Hot dipped galvanised lifting points.
Hot dipped galvanised restraining shoulders.
Clear visible centreline marking.
Proof load testing to structure – 2 x MGW minimum or per specification.
Reinforcing and lifting points engineered for load case 2.5 (dynamic) x MGW, unless otherwise advised.
Neoprene rubber prefixed to upper face of support (Optional)
Design is adaptable to include pipeline chain ties if required (Optional)