Cable Stabilization

Mattress Details

ULO Precast Concrete Mattresses offer a cost effective turnkey solution to the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry worldwide. Mattresses can be built

conforming to client’s desired specification or alternatively designed by ULO engineers to offer a fully engineered solution.

Precast Concrete Mattresses are used in the industry primarily for pipeline protection, Stabilization, crossing supports and scour prevention.

ULO Concrete Mattresses can be shipped directly to desired location (near mobilization port) in ‘kit’ form reducing handling and transport costs. Mattresses are assembled and cast using local content under the direct guidance of ULO supervision to ensure the correct QA/QC systems are maintained worldwide.

Each block within the mattresses is laced with polypropylene rope (PP) in both directions enabling blocks to work independently of each other thereby creating maximum articulation.

The effect of individual blocks creates a flexible concrete mattress that will conform to any diameter pipeline and seabed contour.

Longitudinal and lateral markings are placed along the centerline of each axis to aid the installation contractor placing each mattress most accurately.