Standard Pipeline Supports


The ULOnet is another innovation from ULO which is specially designed to address scour problems along subsea pipelines, especially in areas where tidal currents are prevalent.

The ULOnet is installed along the pipeline with the grout filled fabric formwork anchors strategically placed to maximize the functionality and profile of the scour protection netting.

Once in place the moving seabed material is captured in the netting and gradually builds up to form a solid sloped barrier on each side of the pipeline, which, in turn, prevents further scouring from taking place, as the seabed currents are channeled over the top of the restrained pipeline.

Apart from the scour reduction effect, the ULOnet also provides inherent lateral stability to the pipeline to counteract the effects of changing current direction, especially in areas which are prone to regular changes in direction of tidal currents, which tend to deliver seabed material into the ULOnet and build up the seabed profile along the pipeline.