Standard Pipeline Supports

Stabilization Mattress

ULO manufactures stabilization mattresses for subsea pipelines and cables, to suit specific project requirements.

Mattresses are usually produced to ensure the stability of subsea pipelines and cables which are laid on the seabed in areas where there are excessive currents, and/or moving sea beds.

The mattresses are designed to ensure that the pipeline is able to maintain its position as the mattress removes the likelihood of excessive lateral movement as well as scouring which can induce vortex shedding and vertical vibration of a pipeline.



Various solutions depending on water depth, current, pipeline diameter and stabilization weight required.

In-situ grouted fabric formwork of individual design with exact adaptation to the pipeline diameter.

Similar type of grout bags used for pipeline protection.
The articulated stabilization mattress is another ULO invention which is used in areas where pipelines are laid across rivers, but are not buried.

The Articulated Stabilization Mattress is laid across the pipeline so that the articulated sections are aligned to the direction of the tidal currents.

As the currents create scouring at the outer edges, the articulated blocks gradually sink into the river bed, and, then the river bed material builds up over the top of the articulated sections, effectively locking them in place and ensuring that the mattress, and therefore the pipeline, cannot be moved by the currents. This solution also provides a protective mattress for the pipeline in shallow areas.

This innovative and ingenious solution has been used on a major tidal estuary on a 36” pipeline in India with resounding success.