Shell Sleeve service

Shell Sleeve

The ULO Sleeve Shell is a unique product that is designed to provide a means of repairing or replacing concrete weight coat on uncoated or damaged pipe joints or spools.

The sleeves are manufactured so that they are attached and strapped to the pipe with a neat fit on the outer diameter of the pipe joint or spool. They are then filled with grout and allowed to cure.

The only requirement is to have a small area beneath the pie joint or spool to run the attachment straps beneath the pipe to secure the sleeve prior to injecting grout.

The result is permanent replacement of missing or damaged weight coat.

The sleeve sits centrally on the top of the pipe and extends 270 degrees around the perimeter, ensuring that it cannot slip off the pipe.

Sleeve Shells can be manufactured to suit any diameter pipeline used in the industry today and installation is simple due to the light weight of the sleeve and the ease of installation and Grout injection.

Shell Sleeve service


270° sleeve grouted on the pipeline for concrete weight coat repair or additional concrete weight coat.