Scour Protection services

Scour Protection

ULO over the last 3 decades has exerted a great deal of effort on research and development to find the optimum solutions to resolve scour control to existing locations and to new pipelines or cables where no scour had previously been evident.

ULO is able to offer a very comprehensive range of additions to span correction solutions for pipelines, cables and umbilicals installed by either diver or ROV. Separate solutions to the legs of offshore structures, bridges, jetties and any obstruction where currents and or cross currents and or tidal movement causes scour or wash out, can be provided.

ULO has been very successful with its solutions and approach to such an extent that a solution in a tidal estuary for 38” & 32” flow lines, the scour was eliminated and complete burial achieved in 12 months to the span of 1.5 KM with scour of 3 M before intervention and solution applied

No scour problem is too difficult for ULO to prepare, propose and supply a solution.