ROV Subsea Grouting Connector

ROV Subsea Grouting Connector

ULO have developed a subsea grouting connector that presents a real alternative to the existing connector’s presently in use for subsea Grouting by ROV and offers many advantages as follows:

Firstly the male ‘receptacle’ that is installed on the structure is ‘simply’ a 2″ Cam & Groove (‘Cam-Lok’) Part A adaptor with female thread (for screwing onto the grout pipe work or manifold).

This item may be readily obtained from any good equipment supplier and the only modification is to remove the small shoulder where the female locking pin is otherwise secured; this task may easily be undertaken by the fabricator of the structure. Thus no expensive machining of a bespoke appurtenance is required and sourcing of the male component is ‘simple’; it does not have to be shipped from one point of origin.

The female half of the connector has the mating half of the cam-lok connector within its body. The female has a guide cone at the bottom to assist the ROV’s alignment and is stabbed over the male. Once in position the ROV operates a lever to lock the female tool in place. The locking mechanism uses two pins, which are diametrically opposite, that slide into the grooves on the male piece. In should be noted that the pins are of solid round bar, with no section removed; thus the connection is stronger than other (alternative) connectors. In addition the female half also houses an O-ring to seal and ensure the integrity of the connection. The benefit of this is that in the unlikely event of damage to the seal, the O-ring may be removed and replaced at the surface. Other techniques have the O-rings subsea on the male part, which cannot be replaced once the structure has left the fabrication yard/been installed.

Whilst ULO Systems could deliver both the male and female parts of the connector, given there is a benefit in local procurement, it is envisaged that the fabricator would locally source the ‘males’ and only procure or rent the female connectors from ULO. It should be noted that the installation contractor could also procure the female tool.

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