Pillar Supports services

Pillar Supports

Pipeline Supports for freespan heights exceeding 3.00 m.
Different ranges according to the diameter of the pipeline and soil bearing capacity and height requirement.

Pillar Supports are designed for freespan heights exceeding 3.50M. A special internal construction of the Fabric Formwork has been designed to achieve an economical shape to reduce the grout volume and installation time compared to standard pyramidical supports for heights up to 3.50M. Also it is advisable to grout bags over 2.5M in two separate stages.

Pillar Supports have to be installed by divers and grouting must be supervised by divers constantly. Seabed preparation prior to placing and Grouting of the Fabric Formwork is very important to accomplish best possible conditions for successful installation.

Different ranges and standard sizes are available depending on the pipeline overall diameter. The possibility to install Pillar Supports has to be assessed very carefully with regard to seabed conditions and hydrodynamic forces. The Fabric Formwork design can be altered if necessary to meet the specific conditions at the support location.