Jack Up Supports

Jack Up Supports

The ULO Jackup Support was developed to provide a quick and efficient means of raising pipelines to provide requisite separation at crossing locations.

Where pipelines have been laid across other pipelines without the appropriate separation, or, where settlement has occurred causing a reduction in the vertical separation distance, the ULO Jackup support is the perfect solution.
The Jackup Support is placed in locations under the “top” pipeline, near the crossing location (after consideration of allowable free span distances), then the lower chamber in each support is inflated with grout and allowed to cure.

Once the lower chamber has cured, it provides a load bearing base so that, as the upper chamber is injected with grout, it inflates, and lifts the upper pipeline to generate the required separation between the two pipelines.

Each support is designed and manufactured to dimensions that suit its unique location to ensure the end result is achieved.

Once the top chamber has cured, the separation of the two pipelines has been achieved on a permanent basis.
The technical value of this solution is that the support is always in full contact with the Pipeline being raised and it therefore avoids the necessity for any mechanical intervention using lift bags, and crane lines, which, if mismanaged, can lead to pipeline buckling or other unexpected damage as these solutions are particularly vulnerable to sea states and adverse weather conditions.

The Jackup bag lifting process is a smooth operation which is completely independent of weather or sea conditions.

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For crossing solutions to older pipelines with limited mechanical lifting possibilities.
ULO grout injected Jack-up supports raise the pipeline to then become a permanent support, so have a dual purpose.
For raising any solid structure on the seabed where other lifting solutions are not acceptable.