Free Span Correction

Freespan Supports

ULO free span supports are manufactured to suit all diameters of pipelines currently used in the industry, and each product comes with a range of

elevation heights, to address the issue of span height, as well as length on free span areas.

ULO free span fabric formwork has the unique feature whereby the top of the support is shaped so that the underside of the pipeline will sit inside the concave shaped

depression at the top of the support, which extends up to 50% of the pipeline diameter and provides lateral support for the Pipeline Installation.

Straps are included to allow the support to be located correctly and ensure that the support sits correctly when inflated with grout.

Additionally, the ULO free span supports can be manufactured to suit different sea bed conditions.

Where sea bed features and geotechnical parameters require it, supports are manufactured with a larger base structure than the conventional supports, which allows the

bearing loads transmitted by the pipeline and the support to the seabed to be properly spread, and prevent the support from sinking into the sea bed.

ULO has a full range of Free Span supports for installation by diver or ROV depending upon the Client’s requirements, water depth and operating regulations.