Cable Stabilization

Cable/Umbilical Supports

ULO Dome Supports and Wedge Supports are specifically designed to provide pre lay crossings for subsea cables, where they are to cross an existing pipeline or cable.

These supports feature a unique design concept which provides a tunnel for the existing pipeline or cable, as well as a shaped surface which allows the cable installation vessel to approach from almost any angle, and so, removes the restriction of an exact approach angle for the lay vessel.

The thickness of the “tunnel roof” provides the separation between the new and existing facilities.

The support is placed on the seabed, and positioned over the existing pipeline or cable, then grouted and left to cure.

Once the support is in place, the cable installation vessel will typically have 150 degree variation in possible approach alignment, and still place the cable on the support at the crossing location.

The upper surface of the support is designed and manufactured to ensure that the minimum bending radius for the new cable or umbilical will not be compromised.

Cable Stabilization

Standard Cable Crossing Support with formed tunnel for crossings with pre-determined crossing angle. Standard solution for 90° angle crossings.
Protection Mattress placed and grouted over cable on support optional.