About This Project

ULO since its conception in 1964 has provided a service of structural grouting and ULO (Colos) offered a full range of services for the advice, project management and execution of the various types of grouting services.

This has been continued into the 21st century and enhanced by greater details and improved equipment and material advice for all areas of services requests where structural grouting required. ULO provides for its clients full and complete technical procedures and methodology using the most up to date and exclusive requirements for each project, on a project by project basis.

General Background and Structural Grouting

With almost 50 years worldwide experience in geotechnical and marine grouting activities ULO Systems has a wealth of knowledge and technical understanding in structural grouting and repair techniques that is unique in the industry.

ULO Systems FZC entered the offshore industry in The North Sea during the ‘70’s (as Colos Division, Colcrete Limited) providing pipeline free-span correction and pile grouting services and in 1978 were contracted to undertake the under base grouting at Ninian Central Platform pumping 13,000 tonnes of sodium-silicate cement grout to the under base of the Condeep gravity base structure and at rates up to 60m3/hr. Today it is operating internationally and has been involved in numerous projects worldwide, successfully delivering grouting services in all major regions from The North Sea to Brazil, from Canada to South East Asia and from The Gulf of Mexico to West Africa.

The range and depth of knowledge of ULO Systems FZC stems from the individual experience of the personnel who have been involved in many of the worlds largest offshore projects. They are highly trained and skilled in grouting operations and have gained significant worldwide experience on projects that include compliant towers, deep-water platforms, gravity base structures, sub sea templates for TLP’s, using both pressure balanced and displacement grouting techniques.

ULO Systems provide a comprehensive range of specialist grouting services including:

  • Structural connections, pile grouting to offshore platforms and templates
  • Offshore Renewables, grouting of mono piles, marine structures and transition pieces
  • Structural strengthening, infilling, grouted clamps, etc for the effective maintenance and life extension of offshore assets
  • Conductor, caisson and riser repairs, to rectify fatigue and/or corrosion issues
  • Gravity base & suction pile grouting, using sodium silicate grouts
  • Launch rail, bearing pad and pin connection grouting
  • Ballasting of buoys, templates, towheads
  • Feasibility studies from conceptual design to detailed engineering
  • Design of strengthening schemes
  • Preparation of technical procedures and method statements
  • Project management, offshore construction and site supervision


Structural Strengthening, Repair and Maintenance

Services provided include:

  • Appraisal of structural problem
  • Outline and detailed design of repair scheme
  • Onshore trials to determine effective & efficient offshore procedures
  • On-site project management from fabrication to installation of the repair scheme
  • Provision of competent and skilled personnel
  • Supply of all specialized mixing, pumping and testing equipment
  • Supply of high performance materials


The following are some of the specialized strengthening and repair techniques that may be provided:

  • Split sleeve grouted clamps – node reinforcement, member or leg strengthening
  • Reinstatement of structural integrity
  • Member/Leg infilling – enhanced impact protection
  • Conductor strengthening
  • Reinstatement of collapsed tubular members
  • Under base grouting, void filling – enhanced bearing capacity
  • Leak sealing and/or repair and reinstatement of corroded pipes or caissons
  • Plugging of abandoned pipelines
  • Design of specialized high performance grout mixes
  • Supply of high and ultra high performance grout materials


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