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Grout Bag Installation By Means Of ROV

For more than 25 years we have been directly involved with working with ROV operators and designing systemsto execute subsea Grouting projects using the ROV as a method of executing the service of injecting grout into a specific location or area. This article is an overview & will act as an advisory document only.

Types of solutions where grout is required to be injected, and ROV is used as the method of placing, and injecting the hardening medium.

Pipeline supports
Pre-lay Pipe Sleepers
Central Crossing Supports for Pipelines or Cables
Stabilization to Pipelines or Cables
Pipeline Protection
Under base Grouting
Valve Box Protection
Structural Grouting to Offshore Platforms or Piles
Template grouting
Clamp or brace grouting

An understanding of ROV operation of what can & cannot be done by the ROV is paramount in preparing the solution to be installed & injected using the ROV as the method of installation. The aim is to keep the operations simple with use of one manipulator, which is a twist or push/pull operation. Visual ability to evaluate all attachments & or aspects of the solution in its final position pre/post injection must be one of the main considerations when considering the methodology of design for ROV utilization. In other words we design for the work to be carried out by ROV; we do not adapt an existing design or solution for ROV installation. ROV grouted solutions have been used worldwide to 1,000 meter water depth for structural grouting to offshore structures and pipelines.

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