Petromasila in Yemen

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ULO has recently completed a successful campaign in Yemen for PetroMasila, the second national oil company in Yemen and currently the operator of Masila Block 14. The work performed by ULO was to provide Fabric Formwork and installation services to correct a number of free spans on the 16” and 36”offshore oil loading pipelines as well as to provide protection at the bottom of the supply vessel jetty against seabed erosion caused by wheel wash from support vessels.

The offshore portion of the scope of work was carried out from the PetroMasila “in field” work vessel and involved the positioning and installation of Eleven (11) fabric formwork supports.

These were fully installed in a period of nine (9) days which also included one (1) day for equipment mobilization and function testing, one (1) day to replenish the cement supply and one day (1) for de-mobilization of equipment and personnel.

The jetty repairs required specially designed fabric formwork to be manufactured and grouted by ULO as well as Grouting the void behind the grout bags, beneath the jetty, based on the subsea survey which had been carried out by the PetroMasila divers.

This part of the work scope was successfully completed in three (3) days.

ULO provided a small team of experienced operators to work closely with the divers during the installation work, whilst PetroMasila ensured that cement was supplied as required from a local cement supplier.

The positive attitude of all personnel involved and their commitment to work as an integrated team ensured the success of the project in the minimum possible time and without incident.

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