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HSE Management Statement

ULO have been providing Grouting Services for more than 50-years and are proud to report that in all that time there have been no (Nil) lost time incidents. The following table presents the ULO ‘lost time incident report’ for the period from year 2003 to 2013:

Year Projects Undertaken Lost Time Incidents
2003 24 None
2004 37 None
2005 21 None
2006 52 None
2007 34 None
2008 48 None
2009 56 None
2010 35 None
2011 42 None
2012 40 None
2013 52 None
2014 54 None
2015 52 None


All ULO offshore personnel have attended courses at recognised safety and sea survival training centres and have valid certification for Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) and Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET). They are highly trained or supervised in safe working procedures and are instructed to comply with all safety requirements onboard the work vessel and be available for lifeboat drills and other exercises as instructed.